The Smellgasm

The Smellgasm

“Look, he’s going to do it.”

“He is! He is!”

“Oh god! He’s doing it! He’s doing it!”

And exploding through his nose was a million scents, smells and fragrances.  Every single one of them was simultaneously exploding in his head. There was cut grass and metallic oil mixing with baking pies. There was cherry blossom, wet soap and coffee being made. There was roast beef, sweat and sex in the air. All these and a thousand more aromas of the city, some pleasant some otherwise. It was like looking at all the art in the world all at once in a single massive mosaic of smells being rammed up your fragile nose to crescendo simultaneously…

He could not help himself. The experience was too powerful. He put his head back and howled.

Suddenly a strong arm was pulling him back inside. The rush of smells faded the moment he was back inside the car. All the colors in his mind faded with them too, and his world was left in shades of gray again.

“No boy! No!” said his Master, “You can’t go barking while you hang out the window. In fact, I don’t think any of you should hang out the window. It’s just not safe, and, honestly, I cannot understand all your fascinations with doing so. Just sit quietly in the back there, we’re almost at the park.”

The was a panicked whimper in the back. Then silence.

“He’s messed it all up for rest of us,” one of the other dogs muttered, “He’s messed it all up.”

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