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Some of my stories have been used elsewhere with permission. While I reserve the right to alter anything and even refuse use to interested parties, a rough guide to using my stories elsewhere is the price list below:

Suggested Price Matrix:Exclusive useExclusive useNon-exclusive useNon-exclusive use
One-off useContinuing UseOne-off useContinuing Use
Non-profit/educational organisation*N/AN/AProbably freePossibly free
Commercial use*$10 per copy**>$10 per copy**$5 per copy**>$5 per copy**
Movie/series/video adaption*NegotiableNegotiableNegotiableNegotiable
Email me with your details and intended use, and we can finalize pricing for the use of my stories; *All uses require referencing author & site; ** Copy refers to number of prints made/distributed, if this is online then a lump sum may be required

Legal Stuff:

I own the copyright to this website’s original content (which I have written). As mentioned above, if you wish to use any of it, please drop me an email (here) – see the suggested pricing above but I reserve the right to change and/or alter any price (or refuse to sell) on any story, either exclusive or non-exclusive.

I have tried to ensure that all the images I use on this website I am legally able to do so (I predominantly use pixabay for images, but I also use AI art from time to time, namely NightCafe). That said, if you object to any of the images, please let me know and I will remove it.

Finally, this is a free website. Let’s not make lawyers rich, us poor and the world messier than it already is, and let’s keep nasty lawsuits out of it. You use, surf, read and look at this website at your risk, which includes being offended by it.

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