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Unintended Consequences

The laboratory was filled with buzzing and the Scientist had to shout to get his message across to the¬†rag-tag collection of journalists, politicians and PR crew trailing behind him. “It is a mechanical, self-replicating bio-equivalent microbot!” he shouted, waving hands in all directions, “It will fill the ecological gap left[…]

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Elizabeth’s Sentience

Darkness. Light. Darkness, and then light. “How many sheep did you count?” asks a sound. “Two,” she replies. And then the parade of darkness and white lights begins again. *** A herd of Cheviot sheep–all white-faced and fluffy–trot by her. The rolling green hills cut the gray, stormy sky. The[…]

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Mind Building

It really all began on the green, leafy Dartmouth College campus in the lazy summer of 1956. The official story involves great academic curiosity driven to pursue the newly realized field of Artificial Intelligence–AI–but the real story is that most of that original team cannot actually remember who initiated the[…]

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