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A Minor Fate

At first, he was not aware of what woke him. Quiet filled the dark room, broken only by the breathing of the naked woman lying next to him. But then, as his eyes adjusted to the night, he saw the funny little man. The plump figure was rocking back and[…]

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Trust, My Child, Trust

The greatest battle anyone can ever face is not war nor any conflict. It is not even survival. It is also not finding love, but keeping it. Yet we have been overcoming this war, conflict by conflict since the dawn of mankind. It was not when the first lusty caveman[…]

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Across the street lay a house. In that house was a window. In that window was a girl. And that girl spent long hours looking out at the world from her window. On the other side of the street was another house. It also had a window. In that window[…]

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