Shadow, Flicker & Gloom

shadow, flicker and gloom

We are Shadow, Flicker and Gloom,” you startle, as a soft, rasping whisper comes from a strangely dark corner of the room you are in.

We are Shadow, Flicker and Gloom,” whispers a second voice from the other side of the room. The electric light in the room flickers and the shadows begin to lengthen. You blink, trying to adjust you eyes. The room seems to be getting darker by the second.

Yes, we are Shadow, Flicker and Gloom,” a third voice suddenly breathes into your ear, the hair on the back of your neck rising.

For we’re here now, but we’ll be gone soon,” the first voice from the shadows whispers, coming nearer. You can almost make out a lithe black form in the dim room, but you are not sure if it is your imagination.

You try to stand up. You are about to run; rising panic is starting to take over. But a small, iron grip suddenly holds you there pinning you down.

Like the night, we are your day’s doom,” chants the second voice. Its location is hard to locate, almost like it is constantly moving around the room.

Now sit, child, for we three are in your room,” whispers the last, soft voice into your ear, the iron grip on your shoulder tightening painfully. As you are about to cry out, the very last shred of light in the room flickers and everything falls into darkness.

The last thing you hear is all three rasping whispers chanting the same sentence slowly, again and again…

We are Shadow, Flicker and Gloom.

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