Little Tree, Little Tree


tree 2

Little Tree, listen closely and I will tell you of our great path.

In the beginning, there is the Falling. You will break away from your great mother to fall to our Great Mother. And, deep in Her warm, succulent embrace, you shall awaken.

The Growing will lift your limbs outwards and upwards. It will stretch your aching roots deep into Her womb as your leaves unfold far above. You will reach upwards to the Great Sky while the Light of Life will shine down upon you.

You will talk with the wind and drink deeply of the rain, but always remember that you are the Royalty of Light. Light shall bestow upon you Life, as your leaves and limbs grow stronger and stronger with each day.

Never forget that, Little Tree: we are the Royalty of Light. Ours is to drink the nectar of the Sky, passing on life to all those below and beneath us.  We shall breathe life into the Land, cool its multitude of lives in our shade while sheltering them in our leaves and branches and feeding them with our fruits.

Remember, Little Tree, we bring shade, not shadow to the Land. Shade, not shadow.

Along the way, Little Tree, there will be other little trees Falling from your limbs to their own Growing. They too shall play the role you play–as we all have played–in passing the Light of Life onto the rest of the world.

And, in the end, Little Tree, after many rains have come and gone, there will be the Cutting.

Do not fear the Cutting. This is part of the Cycle. Your body will pass as Light into another Life. Your Light shall become one with the Land, and the Cycle will continue because of your sacrifice.

Oh, Little Tree, never forget: we are the Royalty of Light, and all and everything depends upon us. Be strong, Little Tree, and bring shade, not shadow to the Land.

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