Steampunk Snail



Steampunk Snail starts its engine and the ground shakes. Enemies flee as Steampunk Snail begins to move, billowing smoke pumping from its roaring engine as flames flare out of its sides.

The mechanical roar rises in intensity as Steampunk Snail builds up momentum. Steampunk Snail knows where it is going and believes the Great Destinies bestowed upon it by the Ancestors-Who-Slither.

Because Steampunk Snail is going to change the world.

This world is not a place for small things. Steampunk Snail knows this. The big things crowd this world and leave little place for anything else. Great Feet stomp on the Ancient Ants, taking their wisdom from this world. Big Hands clap over Manic Mosquitos and Freestyle Flies, and the world is poorer with the loss of each colourful soul. Vicious Feathers pluck glorious Dragonfly Royalty and beautiful Butterfly Babes from the skies when they are blue while the Rains terrorise them when the skies are the grey.

This world is not a place for small things. Steampunk Snail and the cracks broken into his shell by The World know this well. This state of affairs saddens him, but Steampunk Snail will change it.

He decided he would change things during a dream of steam, lights and sound. He decided it when he awoke to a world of harsh, cold realities. He decided it when the Ancestors-Who-Slither told him he will change things. He decided it when they told him that it is his Great Destiny and his pistons will drive him forward towards this change.

Because Steampunk Snail is going to change the world.

The ground is shaking like never before as thick smoke is filling the air. Steampunk Snail is like a great, mechanical beast powering through the surreal landscape with his roaring engine like an angelic chorus overhead guiding him to his battle’s glorious victory. There are lights and steam, cries and screams and the Big Things scatter as the Small Thigns cheer: Steampunk Snail is coming! Steampunk Snail is coming!

Beware all thee big beasts of clumsiness, Steampunk Snail roars, Beware all thee large lives of callousness; for Steampunk Snail is coming for you! We are the small changes that have big effect.

So the next time you feel a nagging doubt, look down. The next time you feel a paranoia building up, look down. The next time you feel a strange, growing nervousness, look down and see Steampunk Snail charging the battleline of change for the small and the many against the large and the few.

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