About the Library

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Flash Fiction Library (FFL) is a site dedicated to flash fiction literature.

“Flash fiction” is generally considered to be fictional stories with less than 1,000 words. Some people put a lower limit on flash fiction word counts, but I prefer to leave this open-ended.

I believe that the length of a story should be determined by the story, and not the literary genre. Thus, some of my stories might a bit longer than 1,000 words, but many of them will be quite a bit shorter than that.

I have built FlashFictionLibrary.com as a platform to publish these short(er) stories of mine. If you wish to find some of my longer written pieces, please have a look at my Amazon Author Page here.

Legal Stuff:

I own the copyright to this website’s original content (which I have written). If you wish to use any of it, please drop me an email (here). I do not guarantee that I will say ‘yes’, but I am open to ideas. I have tried to ensure that all the images I use on this website I am legally able to do so (I predominantly use pixabay for images). That said, if you object to any of the images, please let me know.


This is a free website. Let’s not make lawyers rich, us poor and the world messier than it already is, and let’s keep nasty lawsuits out of it. You use, surf, read and look at this website at your risk (risk of being entertained and your mind blown?!).

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