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Silverwood slept peacefully while the countryside burnt. It was not her fire. It was not her countryside either. Anyway, the villagers had always thrown stones at her when they saw her. She slept peacefully and awoke to the sound of the troll groaning. She had forgotten to water him! She[…]

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Gaming the Genie

“Three wishes?” “Yes, Master, you have three wishes. You own the lamp, yes?” “Yes, I do.” “And you rubbed the lamp, yes?” “Yes, while I was cleaning–it was my great grandfathers, he was famous, but had a horrible–” “And so I am your Genie, you are my Master, and you[…]

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Infinite Dreams

What if I told you that it was all true? Everything. What if every thought you ever had was true? What if every screaming fanatic’s religious belief was true? What if every twisted scientist’s theory was true? What if every dark murderer’s fantasy was true? Every hazy daydream, every fleeting[…]

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